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Rescue 3 has a long history in water rescue, developing the original Swiftwater Rescue Technician courses in the USA over 40 years ago. Since then the course portfolio has broadened and strengthened.

The courses offered by Rescue 3 International are at the cutting edge of technical water rescue. They are suitable for a wide range of people and organizations. Rescue 3 International has the courses that will fit your needs, and experienced instructors to
deliver them.

The key course for water rescue teams is Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Technician (SRT). Swiftwater and Flood First Responders (SFR) can also be utilized for bank-based and wading responses. Rescue 3 International has further courses for the varied needs of rescue teams, including advanced technicians, rescuers operating only in basic water such as lakes and canals, and classroom-based awareness qualifications for support staff who are located outside the operational zones.

The Rescue 3 whitewater family of courses is designed for river professionals as well as recreational river users. The Whitewater Rescue Technician – Professional training course is recognized as the industry standard qualification for river guides.

Rescue 3 also offers industrial water safety and rescue courses, to enable employees to work safely near water, effectively use a lifejacket, or be able to undertake a simple rescue of a co-worker.

Management-level courses are also available, for those responsible for deploying personnel into flooded areas. Such management courses are available for both the emergency services and non-emergency services.

There are also specialized Rescue 3 water rescue courses, to extend and refine the skill set of qualified technicians, including animal rescue and rescue from vehicles in water.