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Water Awareness and Safety (WAS)

Water Awareness and Safety (WAS) is a classroom-based course that looks at hazards and risks associated with inland (lakes, canals, rivers) and coastal water. It looks at basic control measures and safe working practices that can be introduced, including types of PPE and zoning to ensure workers understand the dangers of water and how to avoid accidental immersion. This course is designed for people tasked with working near water but who will not be expected to work within 15 ft (3m) of the water’s edge and will not necessarily be issued with any water PPE. The comparable course for those supporting rescue teams is Water and Flood Awareness (AWR).

Contact Hours

4 hours



Qualification valid for

3 years


  • Water Awareness and Safety (WAS)

Recerted by


Taught by

  • Water Awareness and Safety Instructor (WASI)
  • Safe Working Near Water Instructor (SWNWI)
  • Safe Working In Water Instructor (SWIWI)
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