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Management of Water and Flood Incidents (MWFI)

This high level course is designed for management and command personnel from emergency response, municipalities, regional districts, and industry who are responsible for coordinating a response to major water rescue and flood incidents.

The course provides the underlying knowledge and skills to successfully manage single or multi-agency operations within a jurisdiction’s existing emergency response framework. The curriculum is designed to bridge the gap between the emergency planning process and the actual on-scene response—a combination of operational skills and knowledge that most other training does not address. Participants will learn practical, operational skills that they will draw upon continually before, during and after major incidents.

This course also includes an on-river session to teach the practical, self-rescue skills required in a moving water environment. This ensures that managers and commanders have the ability to operate in the “warm-zone” (on shore) in a safe, effective and efficient manner while they are on-scene.

Contact hours

40 hours


Minimum age: 18

Qualification valid for:

3 years


Recerted by

Taught by:

Rescue 3 course

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