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The Rescue 3 International Online Credential Verification Program (OCV) is the first rescue training card where students’ courses can be verified online. Simply enter the student’s unique ID code or scan the QR code located on the card to see all current Rescue 3 certifications.

***Please note – students and instructors from Europe should order their ID Cards from Rescue 3 Europe by contacting info@rescue3europe.com.***


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    Student Information

    Contact Details

    Course Information

    This information is not mandatory but will help us to locate your files more quickly.

    Please note: only CURRENT Rescue 3 certifications are accessible through the OCV card. If your class is over 3 years old and you have not recertified, it will not be shown on your profile. To find out if your certification is current, or to learn how to recertify your course, please contact your instructor or the Rescue 3 International office.


    ID Card Photo

    Rescue 3 International requires a current high resolution photo. The photo should be on a plain, light colored background from at least the shoulders up. Person should not be wearing sunglasses or hats/helmets.

    Rescue 3 also requires a secondary form of identification to verify that the person in the photo is indeed the person who received the certification. This can be done in multiple ways.

    1. By submitting a photo of a valid government issued ID (drivers license, passport, etc.)

    2. By submitting a letter on official letterhead from your employer with a statement that the person in the photo is you. The photo must be present on the letter, along with the signatory's position and contact information.

    Submissions may either by uploaded via this form, e-mailed to info@www.rescue3.com or mailed to

    Rescue 3 International
    Attn: ID Card Processing
    PO Box 1050
    Wilton, CA 95693

    ***Please note - ID Cards will not be processed without photo verification or a valid photo.***

    • No hats or sunglasses

    • At least head and shoulders

    • Plain background

    • Think passport style