Water and Flood Awareness (AWR)

This course is designed to provide personnel who may be working near water with sufficient knowledge to be aware of the hazards created by this environment and develop an understanding of water rescue techniques. The Water and Flood Awareness course is for those supporting rescue teams. This course is offered in-person, or online via rescue3learning.com. The comparable course for personnel within industry who may be called to work near water is Water Awareness and Safety (WAS).


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Contact hours:
8 hours

Minimum age: 18

Qualification valid for 3 years

Water & Flood Awareness (AWR)

Recerted by:
Water & Flood Awareness (AWR)
Basic Water Rescuer – Foundations (BWR-F)
Basic Water Rescuer (BWR)
Swiftwater and Flood First Responder (SFR)
Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Technician (SRT)

Taught by:
Water and Flood Awareness Instructor (AWRI)
Basic Water Rescue Instructor (BWRI)
Swiftwater and Flood Rescue First Responder Instructor (SFRI)
Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Technician Instructor (SRTI)
Swiftwater and Flood Rescue Advanced Instructor (SRTAI)
Swiftwater Rescue – Instructor Trainer (SRT-IT)

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