ID Cards

Rescue 3 Europe ID cards are £5 each + postage and VAT. Please make payment at PayPal using the button below.


When you have made payment, please email a passport-sized photo (3.5cm x 4.5cm) to, confirming your name, postage address, and where and when you took your last Rescue 3 course. We cannot send your ID card until we have received your photo in the correct format.

Resizing photos

There are a range of free apps for Android, Apple and Windows phones which allow you to resize photos to passport size. You can also do it online using a website such as or any image editing software (such as Irfanview or GIMP – GNU Image Manipulation Program).

About Rescue 3 Europe ID cards

Sample Rescue 3 Europe ID card

The Rescue 3 Europe ID card is a plastic card, printed with the student’s photo, and a QR code that links to a live record of their qualifications. This can be used operationally, eg at multi-agency incidents, to confirm the qualifications and accreditation details of a rescuer.

Scanning the QR code will link to a webpage like or you can enter a student’s serial number directly at

The ID cards are optional – students who don’t wish to buy an ID card won’t have their qualifications listed online.