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Recreational Rappel Operator (RECRO)

The four day course is based on international best practice, including the New Zealand Mountain Safety Council’s abseil instruction resources and covers how to lead group rappeling (abseiling) activities in a recreational context. It includes knots, environmental care, rope physics, technical equipment, anchoring, rappeling, contingency/releasable anchor systems, belaying, coaching new rappellers, emergency drills, ascending, risk management and site management.

This course is aimed at recreational users only and not suitable for public safety or industrial rope access. For those who already hold Rope Rescue Operator (RRO), or above, we offer a two day upgrade course.

Contact hours

32 hours


  • Minimum age: 18.
  • Must be comfortable working at heights and have previous rappelling (abseiling) experience

Qualification valid for

3 years


  • Recreational Rappel Operator (RECRO)

Recerted by

  • Recreational Rappel Operator (RECRO)

Taught by

Rescue 3 course

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