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Boat Safety & Rescue – Instructor Trainer

Instructor Trainer is the Rescue 3 International’s highest level instructor qualification. These people have extensive technical experience in the discipline, as well as extensive teaching experience. Instructor Trainers deliver instructor level courses, and every level of course in that discipline. Instructor trainers also support new instructors, and have the ability to do instructor sign-offs. They are also qualified to participate in curriculum development and sit on course development committees.

Becoming an Instructor Trainer


Instructor Trainer candidates would need to have a minimum of two years experience as an Independent Rescue 3 Instructor and will typically have many years of both operational experience and in delivering instructor level courses, to a variety of different organizations.

Instructor Trainer pathway:

First, IT candidates should apply in writing to the Rescue 3 International office. If approved, the IT-Candidate can apply to attend an Instructor Trainer course. This is a one day course covers elements such as:

  • Role of Rescue 3 IT
  • Teaching and learning
  • Structuring safe and informative instructor level courses
  • Rescue 3 standards
  • Instructor level assessments
  • Feedback
  • Rescue 3 accreditation paperwork

Following this course the IT candidate can then download their logbook from the Rescue 3 database and begin the process of observing, assisting and being assessed running instructor level courses in the discipline that they wish to become an IT, under the supervision of two different ITs.

While the exact amount of courses that would need to be worked on can vary, three is considered the minimum.

Please contact the Rescue 3 International office for more information or to start the process.

Current Boat Instructor Trainers

  • Swiftwater & Flood Rescue Boat Operator IT (SFRBO IT)
  • Swiftwater Paddle Boat Handling IT (SPBH IT)

Start your path to becoming a Rescue 3 Instructor Trainer

For more information or to start on the pathway to becoming a Rescue 3 Instructor Trainer (IT), contact the Rescue 3 International office
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